Pretty sure the guy took home more than two pairs from Chan Sneakers

I think its more of a realisation that these (designer brands) are clearly over priced, as a guy working in china with a small team of workers and designers can re create them and sell them for less than 10% of there (real) price. just shows these big brand name corporations are milking society for all the money they can get the shoes cost like $5 even less to make majority of there designs are just glorified re designs of another trainer not really any real creative talent involved. what chan sneakers dose is brings equality of materialistic living for the poor and rich something the world needs. Bruh why didn't cover the top of his face.....he just screwed himself over.... also they didn't civer up chan sneakers.............. That?s what I came to after I bought some travs for 900. Bought a Super god version from Chan sneakers and they?re identical ?

Okay, so they cover his face, which to me isn't much of a disguise but still show the company name Chan Sneakers? How subtle. Mky Alvrz go to his instagram just search chan sneakers, the website chanz sneakers is fake the real one got taken down. Try to catch Chan sneakers you won't find any difference I bet you .He makes exact copies like original.

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Why wear a masked, when your ad is showed in the shop chan sneakers

I love this dude @Yezzy Busta, very few people are man enough to own up to their mistakes. For him to publicly admit it, takes courage, i applaud him for that. (Not to make excuse) but recently the counterfeit business has evolved massively and are now capable of producing high-quality fakes using the same exact materials used in the original factories that produce chan sneakers. An example of this is a dude in China named Chan who has a counterfeit factory and is infamous for producing replicas, a lot of them which are high quality as he had made connections with come workers who work/ed in the legit sneaker factories, thus is able to get access to the exact, original materials to manufacture his shoes. Vice has also profiled this dude before in a YouTube store.That is why it can be hard to tell the real from fakes sometimes even to an experienced sneaker critic or reviewer. So for this reason, I don't blame Yeezy Buster much. Thank you Vice for profiling Yeezy Busta. I just heard of him and will be following his channel.

I understand that big name brands like Nike, Jordans etc. are putting out new shoes every other month & are ridiculously priced based on their brand itself.

But you cannot hate a man for finding a way for producing the same product via different means.

If any of the big brands were to sign Chan and his crew with the manufacturing mechanisms,you??re basically paying for the shoes solely for the brands?? name and not the quality.

Trust me; not ALL chan sneakers justify the prices that are being slapped on them.

Great work to Chan for closing the bridge between the rich and the poor.

Talking about having the world on your feet.

This is the biggest point that the store missed.
Chan and his operation are making the same shoes out of the same materials at the same location the real shoes are produced and selling them at a reduced cost to the consumer while Nike, Adidas, Converse etc are selling them for 50%-300% more.
Even if they have imperfections, a "smart" supporter of capitalism would take the cheaper product. Thats why we have so many "off-brand" products and why they succeed.

Also these knock offs are light years better than the knock offs I bought when I was thirteen over a decade and a half ago. My swooshes were backwards on the innerside of the shoe.

Honestly this has been a hot topic for decades...first of all the big brands buy their stampers (shoe design model) at the same fkking factory in China. Then they add their design style, color, brand name on it...for every 100 USD shoe they make for instance Nike it cost 25% in production cost, 25% in branding, 25% in shipping worldwide, the rest might be some profit...but they only make 5 USD per shoe sold !!! so you do the math. What Chan is doing is just taking out the middle man (the brand) and go directly to the source. You and I can do that to. Just travel to China pay some cash and you can start your own line...

CHAN the reseller is not re selling for love but for "MONEY " . He is not even a sneaker head ! He buys the best fakes he can find and sells on at huge profits ! Simple ! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY !
CHAN might only pay ?14 for a pair of similar looking trainers and that he can re sell for ?150 .
Nike /Adidas create the demand by releasing small quantities of desirable trainers . Yeezy might be ?180 from Adidas . They get sold out , re sellers sell for x amount . People who want them but dont want to pay stupid prices have to buy fakes !!!

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They don't sue this type of chan sneaker sellers because original off-white converse shoes and fake off-white target two different customers.
The OG off-white designed by Virgil Abloh will target those customers who has loads of money to spent on chan sneaker
and those off-white designed by chan targets to those customers who can't afford Virgil Abloh shoes.

So two different shoes two different types of customer.
It doesn't matter to any of these seller.
so take a chill pill

hope y'all getting my point.

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 new colorway
the real Chan his replica
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Cost in China to make genuine sneakers: $4/pair. Cost to make fakes: $3.99/pair. I was wondering was i picking up that. He absolutely does have a northern accent. When I see Ryan I quickly click it. Thats what we called Shane and Ryan's effect?


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I hate replicas and people who sell them to others knowingly or unknowingly ?

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  • @Gregory Ha lool or just let people do what they want and mind your business greg
  • There is people really getting rich off of chan sneakers there's noway to stop it.
  • Here's totally changed... just look up Chan sneakers and you??ll see what happened
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